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  |    |  Country, Gold, Gold Coins, United States  |  2023 1oz 24K Gold King Arthur

2023 1oz 24K Gold King Arthur

£1,756.41Prices: Upon Request

Coin Weight: 1oz
Gold Purity: 999.99
Brand: The Royal Mint
Country: United Kingdom
CGT Free: Yes


2023 1oz Gold UK ‘King Arthur’

The Royal Mint’s Myths and Legends series moves on to another classic British legend with the launch of this 2023 1oz King Arthur gold coin.

King Arthur was the mythic King of the Britons said to have lived in around the 5th century at the time of the Saxon invasion. This coin features King Arthur wielding Excalibur, the famous sword in the stone, with Castle Camelot in the background. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II.

The King Arthur gold coin is 24 carat (or 999.9 purity) and contains exactly one ounce of gold. Just like other British currency, this coin will be also be exempt of any capital gains tax.


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