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  |    |  Country, Gold, Gold Coins, United States  |  2023 1oz 24K Gold Royal Tudor Beasts ‘Yale of Beaufort’

2023 1oz 24K Gold Royal Tudor Beasts ‘Yale of Beaufort’

£1,768.88Prices: Upon Request

Coin Weight: 1oz
Gold Purity: 999.99
Brand: The Royal Mint
Country: United Kingdom
CGT Free: Yes


Tudor Beasts ‘Yale of Beaufort’ produced by the Royal Mint for 2023.

Those who followed the previous Queen’s Beast Series from the mint. The Yale of Beaufort represents a powerful family from historic Britain and is one of only a few mythical heraldic beasts in British heraldry.

Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse side of the 2023 British Gold Tudor Beasts Yale of Beaufort Coins.

The reverse design, the Royal Mint offers a new depiction of the powerful Yale of Beaufort. In this design, the Yale rears up on its hind legs as its front legs rest on the Arms of Jane Seymour.


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